How to choose bridal bouquets

The bouquet is the essential accessory for the bride’s outfit. But a bouquet is not chosen at random. It is he who brings a final touch to the style of your dress, so do not neglect it. The shape of the bouquet must be in harmony with your silhouette which it must sublimate and its colors must perfectly integrate with the atmosphere that you want to give to your wedding.

Harmonize The Color Of Your Bridal Bouquet With Your Style

It’s about not doing anything with the color of your bouquet that is according to Flower books. This must absolutely match your outfit, the theme of your wedding or your style. In addition to this basic rule, be aware that certain colors have special meanings. A bridal bouquet with mostly white flowers is rather synonymous with purity, for example. White is a safe bet and a neutral color that allows a bouquet to easily integrate into the bride’s outfit.

The Shape Of The Bouquet Must Adapt To The Morphology Of The Bride

To be in total harmony with the bride, her bouquet must adapt to her morphology. For example, a bouquet with a modern and trendy shape, like the cascade bouquet, is well suited to a bride with a slender figure. In the same way, a tall and thin bride will be highlighted with a round bouquet but decorated with foliage trains.

For brides who are more in shape, beware the simple round bouquet will help pack your figure. Opt more for an airier bouquet, country style, or flowers with long stems. Brides who are small should choose a round bouquet or, in any case, essentially a short bouquet, without leaves or long stems.

Choose Seasonal Flowers For Your Bridal Bouquet

Choosing seasonal flowers for your bridal bouquet is first of all an ecological approach: you can bet on local and thus avoid the transport of flowers from other countries and even other continents, which in terms of environment n is really not ideal. Then you will have an easier time finding these flowers and they will especially be cheaper.

Think About The Meaning Of The Flowers Chosen For Your Bridal Bouquet

Obviously, you are free to choose all the flowers you want for your bridal bouquet. Also, do not forget to hire wedding videographer nyc Be careful however, some of them have unwelcome meanings on your wedding day.

Little Lexicon Of Flowers To Avoid For A Wedding:

  • The black rose: sadness, death
  • Anemone, worry: pain, sorrow
  • Chrysanthemum: fragile feelings
  • The crocus: melancholy, nostalgia
  • Forget-me-not: absence and separation
  • The sunflower: pride, etc.’

Flowers To Choose Without Making A Mistake:

  • Gardenia: feminine beauty
  • Wild rose: the flower of poets
  • The gerbera: wonder
  • The iris: happiness and wealth
  • Jasmine: invitation to dream and travel
  • The lily: purity and grandeur of feelings
  • Magnolia and peony: loyalty
  • Thrush: lucky charm
  • The tulip: great emotions, etc.

Bet On The Freshness Of The Flowers

As we have seen, choosing a bridal bouquet made of seasonal flowers is the ideal solution. But you must also pay attention to the freshness of your composition. There is no question, in fact, of seeing the flowers of your bouquet drop from your head from the first hours of your wedding day.

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